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    Spring-WS and FUSE ESB

    Oliver Newell Newbie

      Hi -


      I've been using Spring-WS in conjunction with Tomcat, and been pretty happy with the performance and modularity. Pretty straightforward to make use of a variety of Java/XML bindings (currently using XmlBeans), SOAP processing Spring Security, etc...


      One of our government sponsors is adopting FUSE, and as a result I would like to move to the ServiceMix 4 container (cool stuff) in place of Tomcat. I did some searching, but I'm not sure as to the best way to go about it. Off the top of my head, it seems like a 'Camelized' version of the Spring-WS message-passing chain (perhaps leveraging some of the Spring-WS code) would be the most architecturally consistent, but that may be a more long-term thing. I tend to shy away from CXF since it seems like it overlaps Camel somewhat and I'm trying to minimize the number of modules that do similar things.


      Has anyone had any experience with Spring-WS and ServiceMix 4.0?





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          Imran Khawaja Newbie

          Hi Oliver :


          Did you ever receive any information on this? I'm interested in doing the same with FUSE ESB 4.0.



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            Gert Vanthienen Novice



            I don't have any experience with this combination, but I don't really expect any problems with it either.  The Spring-* bits are usually good to go with OSGi.  You should be able to just deploy the jars as bundles and get started.  Feel free to ping us if you're experiencing any difficulties with this...


            The main benefit of considering CXF as well is that we integrated that with Camel more closely.  For Spring-WS, you probably have to add some glue code yourself while this work has already been done for you with the CXF-Camel combo.  The overlap between both projects is not that high actually, CXF is really geared towards the web services while Camel is more about what happens with the Message in between.





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              Richard Kettelerij Newbie

              I know this thread is over 1.5 years old but I want to let you all know that Spring-WS support will be available in Camel 2.6. So you can use this in ServiceMix if you like (since Camel is shipped with ServiceMix).


              The documentation is already available: http://camel.apache.org/spring-web-services.html. The code will be integrated soon.