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    XML to FTP defining an output name

    Christopher Keetch Newbie



      I maybe doing this completely the wrong way so please correct me or point me at the correct process if wrong. 


      The idea is I take a message from the queue and then FTP it.


      I have a webapp that publishes to a JMS queue I then have a JMS consumer that pulls the message off the JMS queue passes it to the EIP component, I believe this all works fine at the moment.  I then pass to a FTP writer.


      The idea is I take a message from the queue and then FTP it.  I currently get a error


      java.io.IOException: No output stream available for output name: null. Maybe the file already exists?


      I assume because I am not reading from a file so have no filename to begin with.  My config is as follows for the ftp item


           <ftp:sender service="prototype:moveSender"







      I added the uniqueFileName but didn't seem to make a difference.


      Anyone know why I am getting the above error and what I need to do to fix it, do I need to write a file marsher class or something ?


      Cheers for any help and sorry a bit new to all of this.