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    overwrite JMSNamingProperty in application

    Hartmut Lang Newbie

      We have this problem in since CXF_1806 was introduces in

      What we try to do is, set the BrokerURL to the activeMQ through a command line argument in our service-application (overwriting the value that comes through the cxf.xml file).


      Up to the fix in CXF_1806 we could do that like:

      - create an unstarted endpoint,

      - overwrite the JMSNamingproperty "java.naming.provider.url",

      - start the endpoint.


      After the fix CXF_1806 was introduced this does not work any more.

      Of course we can also create and unstarted endpoint and overwrite the "java.naming.provider.url" in the JndiTemplate. But this has no effect, since the ActiveMQConnectionFactory is already created with the properties out of the cxf.xml file when the endpoint is instantiated.