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    NoSuchEndpointException with Custom Camel Component in FUSE ESB

    roberto rojas Newbie

      Hi There,


          I'm having a problem creating a route with a custom component (mycomponent) I created. The component is in its own bundle and I'm getting a NoSuchEndpointException when I try to create a route using the component in a separate bundle.



      The problem goes away if I copy the component file (mycomponent) found in the META-INF/services/org/apache/camel/component directory to the bundle where I'm creating the route in.


         I also get the same issue using another component, like camel-velocity, but again, if I copy the velocity component file, and  import the org.apache.camel.component.velocity package, to the bundle where I created my route it works fine.


         I'm guessing this is not the way it's suppose to work and I don't need to do the work-around above.


         Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



      Thanks in advance,



      - Roberto