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    List of Features that we can install + version

    Charles Moulliard Newbie



      A) Exhaustive list of all the features available


      Is there somewhere a document describing the list of all the features available (e.g. camel-core, camel-cxf, hibernate, itext, ...) that we can install top of Fuse ESB 4.0.0.x ?


      B) Functionality covered by the keyword 'management, transaction, ...'


      I see in the file "org.apache.servicemix.features.cfg" that different features are installed like "management,transaction,activemq,servicemix-cxf-bc, ..."


      Which functionality are available behind each keyword ? Where can we found information about each of these features, the framework to which they are related and their version n° ?




      Charles Moulliard

      SOA Architect