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    Fuse ESB - Transaction

    Charles Moulliard Newbie




      Can someone provide more info about what the OSGI bundle transaction of Fuse ESB 4.0 can do ? Is it a transaction manager ? Can we use it in comibination with Camel or DB to handle commit/rollback ?




      Charles Moulliard

      SOA Architect


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          Adrian Trenaman Newbie

          Yes, the 'transaction' feature installs the Geronimo transaction manager, along with some spring support. Looking at the contents of the feature, you see:


               <feature name="transaction">

          When you install the 'transaction' feature, all those bundles get installed. Moreover, a transaction manager is registered as an OSGi service. You can verify this by doing a list-services on the 'Apache ServiceMix Features :: Transaction' bundle


          servicemix> osgi list | utils grep Transaction
            37 Active[   50|http://fusesource.com/forums/] Geronimo TxManager :: Transaction (2.2.0.r634076)
            41 Active[   50|http://fusesource.com/forums/] Apache ServiceMix Features :: Transaction (4.0.0.fuse)
                servicemix> osgi list-services 41
                Apache ServiceMix Features :: Transaction (41) provides:

          Bundle-SymbolicName = org.apache.servicemix.transaction
                Bundle-Version = 4.0.0.fuse
                objectClass = javax.transaction.TransactionManager, org.apache.geronimo.transaction.manager.RecoverableTransactionManager, org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManager
                org.springframework.osgi.bean.name = transactionManager
                service.id = 72

          Most importantly, you can now to an OSGi service lookup in your application using the SpringDM goodness to get a handle on this TransactionManager, and then use that in your Camel or JDBC routes.


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            Charles Moulliard Newbie

            Many thanks for your reply.


            By the way, I would like to thank you for the quality of the webinar of monday this week. Congratulations.


            Additonal questions :


            1) JNDI Support


            Is it planned to have in a next version of Fuse ESB 4.0 support for jndi in order to register our JDBC driver through a JNDI datasource by example?






            2) Strategy concerning Camel and CXF


            Camel proposes a component camel-cxf (http://cwiki.apache.org/CAMEL/cxf.html) integrating CXF. I have looked up to the documentation and the examples proposed in the folder examples but I don't see this kind of example in Fuse ESB.


            Questions :

            - Is it a bad architectural design to use CXF though Camel top of Fuse ESB 4.x platform ?

            - Is the approach of the example cxf-camel-nmr better (jaws endpoint against cxf endpoint of camel)?





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              Willem Jiang Master

              Hi Charles,


              Just a quick answer for your question about Camel and CXF in Fuse ESB.


              Since we provides two types integration (through  Camel transport of CXF or camel-cxf endpoint ) between Camel and CXF. As the examples which you see, you could setup the JAXWS endpoint on the top of Camel, or use camel-cxf endpoint to implement the Webservice consuming or producing.


              The architectural design really depends on your requirement.


              If you want to reuse the camel components such as file ,  mail etc to implement a new transport of CXF , you could choice to setup the JAXWS endpoint on the top of Camel.

              If you just want to leverage CXF to talk with some Webservice endpoint, I think camel-cxf endpoint is your best choice.