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    ServiceMix with Adobe LiveCycle

    Vince Blogg Newbie



      Would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas on this. We're setting up ServiceMix to run alongside an Adobe LiveCycle instance for handling XSLT and web service calls to an external system. LiveCycle runs on jboss and there are immediate conflicts on startup for port 1099. We've changed both that and the activemq port in an attempt to resolve the issue.


      What we're seeing though is that LiveCycle is grinding to a halt on some processes. It isn't obvious what is causing that and the system resources aren't being thrashed so we're assuming some kind of conflict. On a netstat -an I can see both our JMX port and the activem ports open. There are also a random number of ports mapping locally to the activemq port. I'm assuming this is some kind of connection pooling. Is there any way to configure these ports as they appear to be a random range but we suspect they may conflict with LiveCycle or LiveCycles messaging.


      Would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas.





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          Dave Stanley Novice

          Hi Vince,

          It sounds like you have worked past the port conflicts. It might be worth running the container with verbose classloading enabled. Add '-verbose:class' to your jboss run.sh. Double check the Adobe stuff is not picking up any servicemix jars and vice versa.


          Also, are you using the jbossDeployer to deploy your servicemix container?


          Hope this helps,


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            Vince Blogg Newbie

            Ended up configuring a virtual network adapter which appears to have kinda worked. Just got to fathom how to get LiveCycle to post messages onto a JMS queue.......which is proving significantly less straight forward than I'd anticipated.


            Thanks for the pointer.