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    Community Integration Designer, Paid or Both

    Perry Vessels Newbie

      Looking at different IDEs for the various ESBs (open source) out there and wanted to know what the plans are for the FUSE Integration Designer.  Once this leaves beta and goes GA, what is the planned availability model?  Fully open, stripped down community edition, product/support subscription required...



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          Oisin Hurley Novice

          When we get to GA, you will be able to download and use the tools for individual and evaluation purposes. This is a personal-use type of approach - if you want to use them all through your company for development or production, you will need to have a subscription.


          The version you download won't be stripped down - it's the usage model that we are looking at as the differentiator. That's not to say that there may be some new goodies available at some point in the future once you are subscribed, but we haven't got anything like that on the table just yet.