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    Hibernate OSGI bundle for Fuse ESB 4.0 - bundle repository ?

    Charles Moulliard Newbie



      Is there somewhere (IONA or Apache repository) OSGI bundle of Hibernate (3.x) that we can use with Fuse ESB 4.0x ?


      Additional question :


      What is the procedure or document describing how to convert/transform non-osgi bundles into osgi bundles like Hibernate, iText, MySQL JDBC driver, JasperReport ?


      Remarks :

      - it should be interesting by example to provide a repository web site like Spring enterprise bundle repo http://www.springsource.com/repository/app/ to find osgi bundles ?

      - It should be interesting that you provide an online tool where we can request the generation of osgi bundle for non-osgi librairies ?




      Charles Moulliard

      SOA Architect