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    I can't find the EIP or Camel Context Run configuation.

    Juan Felipe Caro Newbie

      Hello all,


      I have installed Fuse (apparently successfuly), I am able to create EIP, export them as Camel context, and everything. But, when I try to run or debug them, I cant find the FUSE Integration Designer EIP nor the Camel Context Run configuration.


      I am attaching a screenshot and the the eclipse log. It seems to be that I still am missing some dependencies:


      Unable to satisfy dependency from com.iona.eitools.camel.exporter.tests to requiredCapability: osgi.bundle/com.fusesource.jython/2.1.0.

      requiredCapability: osgi.bundle/com.fusesource.jython/2.1.0


      Could someone help me on this one?


      Thanks a lot!



      My environment:

      java version "1.6.0_10"eclipse Version: 3.4.1FUSE Core features: Version: 1.1.0

      Web Standard Tools: Version: 3.0.4Maven 2.0 integration Version: 0.9.7

      Eclipse Mylyn Project Version: 3.0.2

      CXF Web Services (Incubation): Version: 0.3.2

      XML Schema Definition (XSD): Version: 2.4.1

      Spring IDE: Version: 2.2.2