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    Intercepting all messages that flow through NMR

    Harshit Kapoor Newbie



      I have to interceptall messages that flow through NMR For this I have done the following.


      I have created a class called EchoAll as follows:


      import org.apache.servicemix.nmr.api.event.ExchangeListener;

      import org.apache.servicemix.nmr.api.Exchange;


      public class EchoAll implements ExchangeListener {

          public void exchangeSent(Exchange exchange) {System.out.println("EXCHANGE SENT");}

          public void exchangeDelivered(Exchange exchange) {System.out.println("EXCHANGE DELIVERED");}

          public void exchangeFailed(Exchange exchange) {System.out.println("EXCHANGE FAILED");}



      I compiled and packaged the above class in to InterceptAll.jar.

      I then placed  InterceptAll.jar file in fuse-esb-\lib folder.


      I then created EchoAll.xml with the following content:




      I placed the above EchoAll.xml in fuse-esb-\deploy folder and restarted Fuse.


      When I give "osgi list" command I am able to see EchoAll.xml however When I invoke cxf-wsdl-first example (from fuse-esb-\examples\cxf-wsdl-first folder) through its client. I do not get any of EXCHANGE SENT, EXCHANGE DELIVERED, EXCHANGE FAILED.


      Please Help!!