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    Camel FTP Endpoint REGEX Pattern

    David Scott Newbie

      I'm using Apache Camel and I'm connecting to an FTP Server with the FTP endpoint.


      My URL looks like: &binary=true&localWorkDirectory=/tmp&include=*zip


      I only want to download .zip files from the server but no Regex patterns are working in the URL.


      Please help!

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          Claus Ibsen Master



          Its highly your regex pattern that is wrong. You can always try with some regular java code to simulate a filename and use String.matches I think it is.


          But the problem is that you use *zip that will only match "zip". You need to a dot or the likes in front of the * qualifier. eg ".*zip" to indicate that there can be an 0..n chars and then zip.


          0..n = the *

          chars = the . (dot)