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    Fuse 4.0.4 bridge example

    Noel O'Kelly Newbie


      I have built and deployed the service assembly for the bridge example that comes with fuse, but get a response "STATUS: ERROR WHILE RETRIEVING STATUS; MAYBE UNABLE TO CONNECT." when sending the client.html to port 8192.

      I had a few problems with the maven build but in the end it produced the required zip file for the assembly in bridge-sa.


      There was a mention of a problem similiar to this on  issue tracking last sept.


      port 8192 is not open on the system.


      This is the tail of the output of the osgi list console command after deploying the sa as per the README in the example:


      132] bridge-sa (0.0.0)

      localhost-broker.xml (0.0.0)



      Is this a known problem?? apologies if it is but this is my first exposure to Fuse/Servicemix

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          Giovani Seben Newbie



          The error message you are receiving comes from the javascript on the client.html, when it attempts to retrieve the http status:

            try {
                       responseStatus = xmlhttp.status + "";
                     } catch (e) {
                       responseStatus = "ERROR WHILE RETRIEVING STATUS; MAYBE UNABLE TO CONNECT.";


          The http post might have worked. You can verify that by running jconsole and looking at the enqueue count for the bridge.output queue under activemq -> default. If the message made to that queue the bridge is working. If you are still seeing the same error message you may want to try using a different browser to run client.html ( I found that it won't work with Chrome).

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            Noel O'Kelly Newbie



            Thanks for your response.

            Have solved problem.

            I did say that I had some problems building which I thought I had resolved , but discovered from the logs that the SA was not being correctly deployed.


            When first attempting the Maven build I got an error in the bridge-jms service unit to the effect that the service unit bridge-jms does not have a dependency which is packaged as a jbi-component .


            From previous postings re. this error I added a componentName property to the bridge-jms pom file


            Unfortunately  I had set the name to bridge-jms instead of servicemix-jms on my first attempt which screwed up the deployment in some way.


            Anyway its working now.

            Thanks again