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    NMR OSGi Service exposed via sermicemix-http Problem

    Stephane Raemy Newbie



      I'm trying for some time now to deploy an NMR OSGi service as a Http Soap Service... I tried with fuse-esb- and fuse-esb-4.1.0-SNAPSHOT.


      Here is the test :


      1) I deploy the service on the NMR (attach file : 1_bundle-context-jaxws-nmr.xml).


      2) I can see the registration log entry (attach file : 2_Log_NMR_Service_Registration.txt) :


      Registering endpoint: org.apache.servicemix.nmr.core.InternalEndpointWrapper@d1cfa095 with properties {INTERFACE_NAME={http://services.mycompany.ch/quote}QuoteService, NAME=QuoteService, objectClass=[Ljava.lang.String;@1a826c5, service.id=124, SERVICE_NAME=QuoteService}


      3) I copy the deploy file (attach file : 3_deploy.xm) in the deploy directory


      4) I can see the registration log entry  (attach file : 4_Log_Deploy_Http_Service.txt) :


      Registering endpoint: org.apache.servicemix.nmr.core.InternalEndpointWrapper@31488aed with properties {ENDPOINT_NAME=QuoteService, javax.jbi.servicedesc.ServiceEndpoint=org.apache.servicemix.common.ExternalEndpoint@138c394, jbi.external=true, NAME={http://services.mycompany.ch/quote}QuoteService:QuoteService, objectClass=[Ljava.lang.String;@1b0595c, service.id=129, SERVICE_NAME=QuoteService, UNTARGETABLE=true}


      Question :


      What am I doing wrong? the exposed service does not use the 1st registrated service, but register itself...


      As info direct cxf-http(jetty) and cxf-osgi deployments are working


      Thank you in advance for the support


      Best Regards



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          Dave Stanley Novice

          Hi Stephane,

          You are registering the endpoint using two different components (cxfse component and the servicemix http component).


          Is the intention to use the servicemix-http component rather than the cxf-bc component?


          If you want to expose an endpoint using cxf then you have two choices. There are two examples that ship with that cover the two use cases:


          1) /samples/cxf-osgi (add an  address  to your existing entry and the endpoint should be available)


          2)  /samples/cxf-wsdl-first


          Assuming you just want to expose the endpoint using a CXF binding component and  a service engine.


          Let me know if this answers the question for you.



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            Stephane Raemy Newbie

            Hi dave,


            Here was my idea :


            I wanted to register every (SOAP) services on the NMR with the nmr URL style, then I exposed the necessary (public) services through <http:endpoint>...


            I thought that was possible?

            what is the best way to expose registred NMR services?


            thank you and best regards