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    REST services on FuseESB

    JS Bournival Newbie

      Hi,  I'm having a hard time answering an architectural question regarding the deployment of rest services on FuseESB 4.  Maybe someone could give me hints on how to resolve it.


      We want to provide multiple restful services (i.e. deploy multiple bundle, each one of them containing a JAX-RS class dedicated to operations on a particular resource).  These bundles will depend on other bundles (spring services etc.).


      AFAIK, configuring a restful service requires to specify this snippet of XML code in the spring meta-inf file:




      It's working fine.


      What is bugging me is the fact that I need to pick a server address, with a port.  What if 3 people are working on 3 different bundle containing a JAX-RS service.  Do they need to verify if a particular port has already been taken?  Sounds a little silly to me.  I don't want the developers to be exposed to this.


      So my question is how can I configure (or redesign) my stuff so that CXF picks all my JAX-RS bundle, without tying them together, all on one predefined HTTP listener?  (maybe I'm asking too much/don't get what it's all about, but I need to understand).


      The reason why I want to package a restful service in its own bundle, is to beneficiate from the modular nature of OSGi, i.e. to take down one service without affecting the others. 


      It's also obiously good for parallel development among our team.


      Thank you for your answers!