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    Dynamic QL, LIKE and LCASE

    richard aukland Newbie


      I hope someone can help me with a frustrating problem that is similar to another thread running but related to dynamic QL

      I cannot seem to get a case insensitive like search to work with
      Dynamic-QL. The same query works fine with a normal @jboss.query

      Here is the Dynamic QL;

      "SELECT OBJECT(m) FROM MemberBean AS m WHERE
      m.organisation.organisationId = ?1 AND (LCASE(m.secondName) LIKE
      LCASE(?2)) "

      For example, if the database countains Alan Younger and ?2 is
      'younger' then the query returns a result.

      However, if ?2 is 'young' then no results are returned.

      I dont understand what is wrong.

      Is there any reason why a query would not work in Dynamic QL but would work in non dynamic QL?

      Hope you can help,