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    OSGi project with CXF + ActiveMQ + JAXB marshalling

    Max Fedorov Newbie

      Hello, I am trying to start using OSGi (with fuse archetype), but having all kinds of problems. All the examples I found are very simple, including payments-web-service. In addition to CXF, I am using Jaxb2Marshaller from spring-oxm-tiger to marshal/unmarshal objects to queue. When installing my bundle I am getting all sorts of constraint errors, no matter what dependencies I use and what <Import-Package>. Is there an easier way to manage dependencies with OSGi? So far it is a disaster for complex scenarios.


      Here is what I am getting for this pom.xml

      ERROR BundleException: Unresolved constraint in bundle 145: package; (package=or




      Thank you.