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    Disable usage of JMX?

    David Sikter Newbie

      Hi all,


      I want to use FUSE ESB ( in a stand-alone mode. My problem is that Servicemix by default opens a number of ports, for one thing the transport connector port 61616 and also a RMI port 1099 for JMX.


      For security reasons, I would like to keep things absolutely simple, so I want to by default disable any entrance point into the ESB. I do not want to connect several message brokers, so I don't need the 61616 port (and the default settings are not very safe, since anyone could connect and present itself as a broker). I've figured out how to disable it, by setting activemq.url = vm://transport

      in servicemix.properties.


      What remains is the RMI port at 1099 and the JMX stuff. I wonder if it is possible to run servicemix without it, and in that case how. I do not want the JVM to be open to connections from e.g. JConsole. Alternately, at the very least, the connection must be safely password protected.


      Anyone know how to do this? Any help would be appreciated!