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    How to redeliver transacted message in servicemix?

    Sanjay Jain Newbie

      Hi All,


      I tried hard to get the redelivery working when route is transacted. But so far no luck with redelivery at all. I am using camel-1.5.0 in servicemix 3.2.2.


      This is how my camel-context.xml looks like:




      Class RouteBuilder{

      public void throwRetryException() throws Exception{

              throw new Exception();




      No matter whatever I do, I never seen camel to trigger the redelivery of messages.


      I also came across this wiki page : http://camel.apache.org/transactional-client.html and here it says:


      Configuration of Redelivery


      The redelivery in transacted mode is not handled by Camel but by the backing system (the transaction manager). In such cases you should resort to the backing system how to configure the redelivery.


      As far as I understand, the backing system in my configuration is ActiveMQ TransactionManager which I set correctly. If I am wrong please someone correct me here and also give me explanation about backing system.


      Could anyone please tell me what I am missing here?


      Thanks in advance,