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    Integration Designer: Can I validate a message against an XSD?

    Jan Douwe Vonk Newbie



      Is is possible to create within the Integration Designer a way to validate a message against an XSD?


      After the validation the message must either continue the process or it stops by sending an error mail.


      I would like to generate the example on http://camel.apache.org/validation.html


      Thanks in advance


      Jan Douwe Vonk



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          Oisin Hurley Novice

          Hello Jan,

          The FUSE Integration Designer 1.1 preview, which is the current download, isn't capable of expressing the try/catch artifacts that you need for this example, unfortunately. It was limited to just being able to use Enterprise Integration Patterns and a selection of endpoints. You'll notice that the example is 'pure Camel' - it doesn't have any EIP abstractions in there.


          However, we will release a 1.2 version of the Designer before the end of May which does have this capability, and a lot more besides. We've put the Camel-specific capabilities on an equal footing and this kind of example will be possible.


          The result will look something like this:



          We'll announce when the download is generally available.