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    Camel-JMS Durable Subscriber

    Gary Motts Novice



      I?m attempting to implement a durable subscriber using camel-jms with Fuse ESB v3.4.  I?m also using Fuse Message Broker, so when I log into the server console I can easily view the message queues, topics and subscribers.


      The following camel route works, a message that is routed to the topic is received by the queue named example1.  However, when I view the admin console no subscriber is visible nor can I see the subscriber through the JMS console.  There are no errors reported in the servicemix log file for the




      I?d like to seek advice on this implementation.  Is creating a durable subscriber possible using a filter?  As an alternative and better implementation I?d like to explore the use of Virtual topics and queues. 




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          Dave Stanley Novice

          Hi Gary,

          It looks like you need something like this:




          And then set your durable subscriber up as follows







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            Gary Motts Novice

            Thanks Dave!


            It worked, with one change.  I received an error " durable subscription requires a topic" so I defined a topic to topic filter, which then enabled me to define a durable subscriber.  I looked through the camel manual and could not find a property that designates the topic name for a durable subscriber.:






            Many thanks,:8}



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              Dave Stanley Novice

              Great, thanks for the update and glad to hear you are up and running.