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    Getting "Unable to reparse pom.xml" error

    Kevan Moran Newbie

      I am running through the logisticx tutorial and I have got to the following step

      Creating the Order Service Assembly/Building the service assembly/Execute mvn install from the order-sa  directory


      When I do this I get the above error - the stack trace is as follows:

      Caused by: org.apache.maven.plugin.MojoExecutionException: Unable to reparse the pom.xml

              at org.apache.servicemix.maven.plugin.jbi.GenerateServiceAssemblyDescriptorMojo.getReparsedDependencies(GenerateServiceAssemblyDescriptorMojo.java:370

              at org.apache.servicemix.maven.plugin.jbi.GenerateServiceAssemblyDescriptorMojo.reorderServiceUnits(GenerateServiceAssemblyDescriptorMojo.java:330)

              at org.apache.servicemix.maven.plugin.jbi.GenerateServiceAssemblyDescriptorMojo.generateJbiDescriptor(GenerateServiceAssemblyDescriptorMojo.java:222)

              at org.apache.servicemix.maven.plugin.jbi.GenerateServiceAssemblyDescriptorMojo.execute(GenerateServiceAssemblyDescriptorMojo.java:158)


      I have tried commenting out each of the dependency su's within sa and still get the error. I am pretty sure that it's complaining about not being able to reparse the order-sa pom.


      I've looked at the code around getReparsedDependencies and it catches Exception and re-throws MojoExecutionException so the root cause could be any error.


      I've checked the maven mailing list and find one thread talking about this error but it didn't help me at all unfortunately.


      I've been puzzling over this all day and I still haven't really got anywhere.


      I'd really appreciate any help I can get