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    Exchanging images using Camel

    jamie archibald Apprentice

      I am trying to exchange images from one system to another using IONA Fuse mediation framework.


      Here is my scenario:


      1) I have an application written in C++ which sends out images on ActiveMQ using the CMS library. The messages that are sent as ActiveMQBytesMessage

      2) I have a Java application using the IONA Fuse mediation framework to receive the messages from ActiveMQ and save the image data to a file


      The route is as follows:




      I have added debugging into this and I am trying to understand what camel is doing with the ActiveMQBytesMessage when the message is sent to a file. Does camel simply take the byte stream and write it to a file stream?


      Are there any examples online for dealing with exchanging binary data using camel?


      Much thanks.