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    Can a cxf web service deployed as  nmr endpoint be accesed by  bpel process

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      I have a BPEL process that I want to deploy on FUSE 4. I installed ODE previously . The process talks to several web services several of them deployed on the same OSGI FUSE container.

      Can I deploy a CXF web service as an NMR endpoint and be accessed by my BPEL process ? Or the only way is to deploy it as CXF SE service unit ?


      Another question related to BPEL, if the bpel process needs to access external services, do I need to provide HTTP BC providers for this services so can be accessed  or the BPEL engine will access them directly ? 


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          After doing some additional research I think I found the response to my first question at :




          Exposing the service to ServiceMix internal bus

          We can go a step beyond and try to expose the same service to ServiceMix internal bus (NMR) so that we can connect it to multiple components (BPEL engine, Rules engine, XSLT engine, etc...). We will see that in the next example.



          So if I understood well the response is yes. A ODE Bpel process can access CXF web service provider which endpoint is exposed to the NMR.


          For the second question I think the response is yes, http bc provider  components are required so a bpel process can access external web services providers, based on this page :




          JBI Endpoints

          ODE now relies strictly on abstract web service definitions (i.e., without binding/service/port definitions), meaning that you only need abstract WSDLs when compiling processes. Since JBI uses normalized messages (in theory, at least), there is no need to define bindings for the BPEL service engine.

          In deploy.xml, you simply define the JBI internal endpoints invoked or provided by your partnerLinks,


          One may use JBI binding components to make services externally available and therefore providing concrete bindings to those binding components.



          Please reply to this post if you think this is not correct.






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