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    Microsoft XMLNotePad corrupts SA POMs - was 'can not reparse pom'

    Kevan Moran Newbie

      When doing the logisticx tutorial I was getting stuck on the order-sa and order-route-sa steps.


      I was getting unsuccessful builds when doing mvn install.


      The error was 'can not reparse pom'


      It would appear that this was because I was editing the pom with XMLNotePad.


      Two bits of evidence:

      1. if I generate the effective pom and install that it works. If I then make any change to this new pom using XMLNotePad the error returns

      2. if I load the pom (that now does not work) into the eclipse pom editor, make any change and save it, it works again.


      Grrrrh - I've been stuck with this issue for two weeks.