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    Reading xbean.xml Property Values from JDNI Resource

    Terrance Crow Newbie

      Let's say I'm deploying an endpoint based on servicemix-mail, and I want to store the receiver's e-mail address in a table accessible through a JNDI resource. Let's further say that I'm running FUSE ESB embedded under Tomcat 5.5.x under Linux.


      How do I get the xbean.xml file to read the value from a specific table with a specific query?


      I'm afraid this is a stupid question, but I'm at the juncture of too many things I don't know.


      I think I understand conceptually how to help FUSE ESB talk JNDI, but I can't figure out where to go from here. My problem is that I'm a POJO developer who deploys a lot of servlets under Tomcat. My experience with frameworks in general is pretty weak. I'm thinking Spring gives me the tools I need, I'm just not finding instructions or examples on how to put it together.


      I've searched this forum and Google, but I didn't see anything that made sense to me.


      Might anyone be able to point me in the right direction? Nothing elaborate -- helping me understand the right topics to search would be very helpful at this point.


      Thanks in advance!