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    How to install camel-mail

    Carl Verbiest Newbie


      I'm trying to add camel-mail to the Fuse Message Broker.


      I have added following files to the lib directory


      from fuse mediation router camel-mail.jar

      from sun javamail mail.jar

      from lib/optional/ spring*


      If I add  following endpoint to activemq.xml

      <to uri="smtp://eserv2003:25?to=test@xxxx.yyy"/>


      I get an error when starting the


      INFO  DefaultCamelContext            - Apache Camel (CamelContext:camel) is starting

      Failed to execute main task. Reason: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/mail/javamail/JavaMailSender

      INFO  BrokerService                  - ActiveMQ Message Broker (ccecustsrv, ID:ccecustsrv.cce.local-50568-1244548583451-0:0) is shutting down



      Can this be done ?

      Where can I find the dependencies for camel-mail ?


      Thanks for any assistance