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    Tutorials basic question

    Thomas Guenter Newbie



      I'm quite new to smx and while working through Ade's screencast tutorials, I got a bit confused about OSGi, NMR and JBI. Maybe one of you guys can clarify my thoughts.


      Ade creates and deploys the pojo service, the soap and rest endpoints as OSGi bundles and injects the pojo service into the endpoint implementors. More or less the same is done in the payments-batch-processor where the incomming message is comming from a activemq queue and is forwarded to the injected pojo service.


      The question is the following: why is NMR nowhere used? As far as I understood, the NMR is generally used to decouple the services from each other but when using the injected services the coupling is increased again (imho).


      Until now I couldn't find a part in the documentation regarding this issue


      I appreciate every hint!


      Thanks in advance,