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    JBI component with MDP

    sriram_imshriram Novice

      Hi all,

            I am new to Fuse frameowrk.

      I am trying to implement fuse in our application in the following code. Can someone please help me out here.


      Class ThirdPartySubscriber{


          MyListener listen = new MyListener();





      where subscribe is a method from a third party Jar and I am not sure of the implementation.


      class MyListener extends ThirdPartyListener{


      // This methid gets called whenever some event is published by the third party.

      I am not sure on this gets called either.





      We are trying to listen to them and perform some actions on receiving notification on the messageReceived() method.


      This is the code I have in hand and my requirement is to implement this using FUSE.


      Can someone let me know if it is good to drive FUSE from MDPs like the above example?

      (I dont find any good documentation for driving MDP from FUSE since this is pretty much out dated).

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          Ulhas Bhole Novice

          It looks like you trying to get some data from external source want it to be put onto FUSE ESB NMR. FUSE ESB has binding components such as JMS, CXF, HTTP, Bean etc. which can pickup data from other sources and put them onto NMR to be processed by other components.


          If your source is not one of the standard ones that is alredy covered by the existing binding component you will need to write you won binding component.



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            sriram_imshriram Novice

            Hi, thanks for your reply.

            Can i get some input on how to write a binding component? (Is there some existing doc/ support material to help developers on this?)

            Thanks in advance.