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    Fuse 4.1  Http entry point - camel - custom bundles   communication pattern

    Artur Socha Newbie



      I have to implement the following scenario in smx4.1 :


      - There should be an http endpoint to which plain xml string is sent (html, no soap).


      - Apache camel should dispatch that requests to other services (endpoints) and get the response. Services will be placed in different osgi bundles.


      As far as I know the first part can be done by using camel-jetty  from("jetty:http://localhost:8899/myapp")   (it works fine for me). The other way is to use cxf. Unfortunately I couldn't find any working example.


      The second part is still causing me a problem. I tried using camel components like direct/seda without a success.


      dispatcher bundle:

      from ("http: ....").to("direct:servicebundle");



      from ("direct:servicebundle).to(" ... ")


      Please advise me the proper way of handling that scenario.

      Unfortunately i'm  totally new to smx (especially to 4.1).




      Any help apprieciated.