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    fuse esb  run with error

    lee pear Newbie


      help me!

      Thanks a lot.

      error information as following:

      error:Error starting file:/C:/progress/fuse-esb-<org.osgi.framework.BundleException:Unresolved constraint in bundle 43:package;<package=org.apache.activemq>>

      org.osgi.framework.BundleException:Unresolved constraint in bundle 43:package;


        at org.apache.felix.framework.Felix.resolveBundle<Felix.java:3059>

        at org.apache.felix.framework.Felix.startBundle<Felix.java:1439>

        at org.apache.felix.framework.Felix.setActiveStartLevel<Felix.java:984>


      at org.apache.felix.framework.StartLevelImpl.run<StartLeveImpl.java:263>

      at java.lang.Thread.run<Thread.java:619>

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          Joe Luo Novice

          Can you do "osgi > list" to see if you have activemq bundles installed?


          smx@jluo:osgi> list |grep activemq

          activemq-broker.xml (0.0.0)

          activemq-core (5.3.0.fuse)

          activemq-ra (5.3.0.fuse)

          activemq-console (5.3.0.fuse)

          activemq-pool (5.3.0.fuse)


          By default, the container will pull out all necessary activemq bundles and install them when you start it the first time. Obviously, the error showed that you do not have some of activemq bundles dependencies missing.