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    How to use JAXB or Aegis in a FUSE CXF JAX-RS web service?

    Oren Livne Novice

      Dear All,


      How do I marshal a result from a RESTful web service method into XML using JAXB or Aegis just like CXF automatically does for me when i use it outside the esb? My endpoint configuration is as follows:






      My web method looks like this:





      • @param message


      • @return


      • @see edu.utah.further.fqe.fqe_bc_ws.FqeServiceFrontEnd#sayHello(java.lang.String)




           @Path("/hello/The specified item was not found./xml")

           public SimpleBean sayHelloInXml(@PathParam("message") final String message)


                if (logger.isDebugEnabled())


                     logger.debug("sayHelloInXml(" + message + ")");


                SimpleBean result = new SimpleBean();


                return result;



      Its return type is annotated with Aegis annotations:



      • Source File: SimpleBean.java


      package edu.utah.further.fqe.fqe_bc_ws;


      import org.apache.cxf.aegis.type.java5.XmlElement;




      • ...


      • <p>


      • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>


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      • Day Phone: 1-801-213-3288<br>


      • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------




      • @version Jun 22, 2009


      public class SimpleBean


           private String message;


           @XmlElement(name = "message", nillable = false)

           public String getMessage()


                return message;



           public void setMessage(final String message)


                this.message = message;





      However, in the browser I get a text message representing simpleBean.message instead of a serialized XML of the whole bean. This example uses Aegis, but I rather use JAXB. How do I do that?


      Thank you!