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    DCOM connector

    el abbassi abdeslam Newbie



      I have tried to use the BCDCOM component from OpenESB with no success :

      it's is installed as osgi bundle but there"s no interface to use it a camel context for example. I have to integrate j-interop to create this interface...so it's difficult.


      Thanks to help me : my need is simple, i want to access COM object in an network directly in FUSE ESB.


      Have you an idea ?





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          Hadrian Zbarcea Newbie

          Abdeslam, your problem is that camel cannot send messages to COM components because there is no camel component capable of doing that and I am not aware of any plans for implementing one anytime soon.


          It looks like you only have a couple of options:

          1.  Implement a camel-jinterop component yourself that will have to be able to instantiate a dcom endpoint (you'll have to come up with your own encoding, something like from("dcom:")... and convert a message body and headers into the arguments for the dcom rpc call.  I don't think it's too hard to implement that, but it may be a bit harder to make it generic.


          2.  Have your DCOM object expose its functionality over some other protocol already supported by camel, like http (not sure if feasible).


          I hope this helps