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    Fuse Mediation Router Configuration


      Each time I regenerate the Fuse Mediation Router camel xml file I have to reconfigure it to connect to my own message broker.  Is there a setting or property where you can configure this information so that each time the XML is generated it will not overwrite the custom configuration....

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          You can put your JMS Connection Factory settings into the preferences - try

          Preferences > Progress > FUSE > EIP Diagram > Bean Configurations > JMS


          See if that works for you.

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            I have not found a way in the IDE to configure another message broker other than ActiveMQ.  I would like to use a tibco connection Factory for messaging.  I think it would be nice option for FID to have the ability to use other message brokers.  Perhaps a generic broker which could be configured to connect to a message broker of our choosing.  It is some what of a pain to reconfigure my connection factory each time I change my route.  I currently perform a JNDI lookup for my tibco connection factory in my camelcontext.xml  If anyone know an alternate strategy that will allow me to work around this issue in the IDE I will gladly accept.  Thanks

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              I am also trying to do the same with IBM MqSeries as well. If you can give a insight as to how you connected to tibco EMS using JNDI or if you can share sample with us would be great .




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                In my camel-context.xml I have a jndi lookup to my local Queue



                looks like this ...