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    EJBs datasource mapping with PostgreSQL

    Pablo Javier Santa Cruz Cosp Newbie

      Hi folks.

      First of all, my working environment

      JBOSS 3.2.5
      PostgreSQL 7.2
      JBOSS IDE 1.3 (xdoclet 1.2.1)

      My question:

      I am using Entities EJBs and they are being deployed just fine.

      My one and only problem is XDOCLET is not generating the exact SQL sentence to create tables.

      That is:


      * @ejb.persistence
      * sql-type="varchar(80)"
      * @jboss.persistence
      * not-null = "true"
      * @return
      public abstract String getName();
      public abstract void setName(String name);


      This field is being created as "text" type in my PostgreSQL table instead of "varchar(80)". I though it would have been "varchar(80)" because it says so in XDOCLET tags documentation.

      What am I doing wrong. My datasource mapping is: "PostgreSQL 7.2". Should it be something else? Why "sql-type" attribute seems to be ignored?

      The jbosscmp-jdbc.xml tag generated for my example is:




      Not <sql-type> tag!!! :'(

      I tried MySQL and it works just fine in that database.

      Thanks in advance!

      Pablo Santa