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    Lots of messages left on disk with non-persistent topics

    James Casey Newbie

      We have run into a problem with non-persistent messaging with  high speed producers and a single slow consumers.


      We have ~ 800 clients sending 4 x 16K messages per second to a single topic.  There is a non-durable consumer attached reading the messages.  In reality the messages will be sent less often, but we're using this as a test rig to check scalability.


      All communication is via STOMP, using python stomp.py v2.0.1.


      Broker is FUSE Activemq.xml attached


      Initially we saw that the broker would run out of memory, so we followed the instructions in <http://activemq.apache.org/message-cursors.html> to enable paging to disk.


      Now we see messages going correctly to disk, but see two problems:


      1) The reported memory usage is corrupt - it often reports >  100 % e.g. See screen shot for memory usage of 3367 %  We have set the memory limits very large in wrapper.conf :





      2)  There seems to be a large number of messages on disk even though there are no consumers present on the topic which is receiving the large messages.


      root@gridmsg102 log]# du -s /var/cache/activemq/data/gridmsg102.cern.ch/tmp_storage/

      42047256        /var/cache/activemq/data/gridmsg102.cern.ch/tmp_storage/


      Here's an example of what we do that illustrates well what I think is happening:


      We run a test for defined period of time e.g. 1 hour.  We have a slow consumer, so during the test we only consume a fraction of the messages sent by the producers while the consumer is connected and the rest are streamed to disk.  After one hour we stop the consumer.  We see that the unconsumed messages are still left on disk.


      Are there any tools to show me what is in those tmp files, and what the status of messages in there are so I can see if our diagnosis is correct ?


      Is there a way to purge them programatically (JMX or Command line ?) since they eventually fill up our temp area.

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          Giovani Seben Newbie

          Hi James,


          To answer the questions that you posted here:


          1) I believe that the total memory percentages shown under the JMX console reflect the total physical memory plus the disk space that the particular resource is using. For example, a broker could have been assigned 1gb of memory but if you are using another 3gb of tmp storage then the total percentage use will show 300%.


          2) I tested this as well and I believe this is a bug with the broker. It seems that storage clean up is not done when the subscriber is disconnected and there are still messages saved to the tmp_storage. I logged AMQ-2314 for this, I have a test case which I'll cleanup and attach to there once its ready.


          There are no tools that I'm aware of to cleanup the temp storage outside of the broker. Notice that doing this outside of the context of the broker would be tricky since there could still be subscribers attached to that topic or subscribers for other destinations that are using the temp store. In my opinion this should be fixed within the broker.



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            James Casey Newbie

            Hi Gio,


            thanks for the quick reply - your answer for the memory makes sense.


            I'll follow up the bug on the  tracker.