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    CXF Properties


      I believe I have the URI, WSDL URL, Service Name and Port Name porperly defined for my CXF endpoint properties.  Were does the Service Class attribute come from.  I have read the documentation and it still is not clear.  Thanks


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          CXF endpoint can be used to create a web service from the service interface.The service class is the name of the service endpoint interface(SEI) class. This class defines the service interface of the web service to be created.You can create an interface class with the necessary methods and give the name of the class in this field. This will create a web service at the location specified in the uri. You can use a 'Bean' or 'Process' processor to provide the implementation of the service after the cxf endpoint. CXF endpoint needs to be the first endpoint of the EIP diagram for this.


          If you are interested in invoking an already implemented web service using soap over http, you can use HTTP endpoint in the Fuse Integration Designer 1.2.


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            Your service class is your implementation class name.For example com.progress.Sample; Here, Sample is implementation in "com.progress" package.




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              I am getting the following error message when using the CXF component in FID...


              Can't find serviceClass with name  from CamelContext registry


              Any help...

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                It would be useful if we could see your project that is causing the issue - do you think you could share it?

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                  Just want to clarify my scenario...  I have a SA CXFse deployed to FUSE... I want to create a camel route that utilizes the camel CXF component to interface with my deployed SA.  Do I need to make the Service Implementation class a dependency in order for the serviceClass property to recognize the class because currently when I deploy my camel route I get serviceClass GeneratorServiceImpl not found Exception...


                  Below I have include my camel route