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    ServiceMix using JBoss TransactionManager

    antopault Newbie


          I am trying to deploy a web application that uses ServiceMix into JBoss. Application is using JCA flow. Earlier I was using Jencks transaction manager. Now I want to use JBoss transaction manager. I am stuck in the configuration of Connection manager for the JCA flow. I couldn't figure out how to create a Connection manager for the ActiveMQ used by ServiceMix.


          I am unable to use JBoss TM with Jencks Connection Manager as Jencks Connection manager is expecting a Geronimo transaction manager.


          To my understanding this is what I need

      1. Deploy ActiveMQ to JBoss so that JBoss JCA creates Connection manager for ActiveMQ

      2. Obtain that Connection manager from JBoss through JNDI so that it can be referred in JCA flow config.


          Is this correct?

          Is it possible to obtain Connection manager from JBoss through JNDI?


      Using Fuse ESB 3.4 and JBoss 4.0.2.