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    Servicemix Mail Question

    Subendu Dasgupta Newbie

      I am using FUSE ESB


      I am trying to send email using the SMX mail component, my flow is like this


      Quartz SU --> SMX Bean (read some files) --> SMX Mail (uses the files read by bean as attachment)


      I am able to send the email, the attachment also is fine but I am not sure how to set the subject of the email as well as change the file name.


      Right now the subject comes as 'no subject' and the attached file name comes as 'unused' and without the file extension.

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          Stan Lewis Novice

          In your bean you want to call setProperty() on the normalized message, there's a list of properties you can set  here search on the page for "Mapping of headers and properties".  As far as the attachments go you may need to implement your own mail marshaler, I'd look at the DefaultMailMarshaler implementation as a starting point.