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    Losing messages when trying to implement priority queues with camel filters

    Rom Srinivasan Newbie

      I'm trying to implement the priority queue strategy outlined in



      using camel routing filters.


      But when I try a simple example using the JMSPriority > 6, JMSPriority >= 4 method outlined in the link above, I seem to lose half of my messages that are priority 4 - 6.


      In my simple example, I'm only using one consumer for each route and it seems like when I have messages with a priority of 4,5, or 6 they are split between the two consumers. the consumer which has a route of JMSPriority > 6 does nothing with them and the consumer with the route of JMSPriority >= 4 processes them correctly. (this is my guess at what is going on)


      Messages with priority greater than 6 are all processed. Is there  a configuration that I'm missing to be able to process all the messages with priority 4-6 ?


      Thanks for your help!