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    ESB cannot build the samples

    Vincent Girard-Reydet Newbie



      I run into a problem when trying to build the samples (mvn install from any of the samples directory, or directly from ${fuse-install-dir}/examples)


      org.apache.maven.reactor.MavenExecutionException: Cannot find parent: org.apache.servicemix.features:features for project: org.apache.servicemix.examples:examples:pom: for project org.apache.servicemix.examples:examples:pom:



      I am using Maven 2.0.9 on Windows XP. Building the samples from the last version of ServiceMix runs fine.

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          Martin Murphy Novice

          Thanks for reporting this, I just checked against a installation and I'm seeing the same thing. My installation is fine as well. Looking into it a bit closer now....


          hmmm, I turned off my Nexus mirror just to see if that made any difference and it's working fine for me now downloading directly from repo.open.iona.com:


          C:\opensource\built\fuse\esb\\examples>mvn install

          Scanning for projects...

          Downloading: http://repo.open.iona.com/maven2//org/apache/servicemix/features/fe


          39K downloaded  (features-

          Reactor build order:

             Apache ServiceMix Examples



          When I checked, my nexus server needed to be restarted. We've hardly encountered the same problem? Your older installation is probably working fine since it is already installed in your local repo.


          If it's not something to do with a nexus server, maybe it's a straightforward network connection problem. Can you run mvn -X install and redirect this to a file and attach it here?



          - Martin


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            Vincent Girard-Reydet Newbie

            Okay, forget my question, my Maven repository was broken.