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    SMX4 - JBI Cluster with smx-bean endpoints

    Saravanan Thandapani Newbie



      I have been trying to see how SMX4 clutering works. I could see the shipped example working on top of ServiceMix4 runtime.


      As I have ServiceMix bean bundles in my projects, I am trying to make them as clustered endpoints, but without success so far!


      I have one CXF-BC consumer and two simple smxbean-based-pojo services, Service1 and Service2. I have a main smx instance with activemq broker, smx-instance-1 with Service1 and smx-instance-2 with Service2. The idea is to,


        1. Using a soap-client, invoke the consumer,

        2. let that consumer in turn call smx bean Service1

        3. and as Service1 is registered as Clustered, clustering will dispatch that request to Service2 deployed in smx-instance-2.


      The flow is all ok, until those stpes. When there is a return expected from Service2, I don't seem to get anything!


      The questions I had is:


      Can the JBI Clustering allow a return from remote service...? If thats possible, what has to be done?


      Thanks a lot!