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    Remote SSH problème

    François FOUQUET Newbie



      I have some troubles using the remote SSH console of servicemix kernel.

      I'm using Fuse ESB


      When I start servicemix with default console ( server+ client ) , all work perfectly, but when I'm connecting to the remote ssh shell with Putty (port 8101 ) , I have troubles with the "log/d" command , who blocking me on the shell.


      Any ideas ?


      Thanks by advance



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          lorinda visnick Newbie


             can you please tell me what operating system you are using to run servicemix?


          Also, do you start servicemix on machine A and then connect from machine B to try to invoke logging option?


          Or is it the case that you connect from machine B and start servicemix via putty AND try to invoke logging display from machine B/putty connection?


          Do you see any errors?

          In your putty connection, can you simply invoke "log" to get to the logging subshell?  If so, can you please do that and then type "d" to display the log.  I wonder if you can do this in 2 steps.


          Final question: what type of TERM settings do you use?  I wonder if perhaps your TERM settings are affecting your attempt to pass "log/d" (the "/" may be misinterpreted - therefore if you use 2 steps you could get around this problem IF it is a TERM setting issue).



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            Roger Cracel Newbie

            My guess would be that you are being disconnected from the server you are connected to. The command "log/d" potentially dumps a huge amount of data, which can be a problem if you are connected remotely. If this is the case, it is not a Fuse ESB limitation, but rather an issue with your ssh connection.


            Now, since I am also usually connected remotely, what I do is have two ssh windows open, one with servicemix and another where I "tail -f" the log file. This seems to work best for me... hope this helps.



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              François FOUQUET Newbie


              I'm running Fuse ESB last release on an debian 5 server.


              So I'm starting the server as an unix service on machine A ( debian ) and I'm connecting on it with machine B ( windows ) and putty (default configuration SSH on port 8101).


              I can use all commands on fuse shell except the


              $ log/d

              $log d (log then d command)

              $log display (log then display)


              I have try all command to log  but it blocking me before showing me any log content.


              Strangly the "log/de" work very well !


              So I have testing already as you demand the two step, it seems to have the same problem.


              And for the term I'm using the default configuration of putty except the "Implicite CR return"


              Thanks for your help !


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                François FOUQUET Newbie



                I was having the same idea of you so i have try to show the log at just after starting the server, and so with few content but it have the same problem .


                Strangly it work very well if I use the default shell started with fuseesb server.


                Anyway I'm agree with you it's not a blocking problem for the development and I can use tail -f command. But I's more difficult for production mode.




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                  lorinda visnick Newbie


                     I wonder if your default term type from putty is contributing to the problem.  Perhaps you could try another type of term - one that would not "mind" the flood of output from log/d.


                  From a putty FAQ page:  By default, PuTTY announces its terminal type to the server as xterm. If you have a problem with this, you can reconfigure it to say something else; vt220 might help if you have trouble.


                  Can you give that a try and see if it changes the behavior?



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                    François FOUQUET Newbie



                    I have made more tests with another SSH Term client.

                    So all work perfectly on an unix who have an ssh client by default ( ubuntu for example ). So you have right it seem's to be a problem with putty, perhaps the default configuration is not the same (VT200 ???).


                    So it not a problem of fuseESB but just a problem of my client SSH.


                    Thanks for your help