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    Fuse ESB ActiveMQ does not bind to all IPs

    joealex1 Newbie

      OS : Linux CentOS

      JVM : 1.6 Update 12


      I was upgrading from Fuse to Using all default settings.

      ActiveMQ is deployed via the activemq-broker.xml in deploy directory.


      In ActiveMQ only binds to localhost:61616 and not to all IPs, tried also. Have the examples-cxf-osgi webservice running at 8181. That binds to all IPs *.8181.


      Saw a related issue here https://issues.apache.org/activemq/browse/AMQ-2094

      Is this a known issue in FUSE 4.1?


      Works fine in FUSE ESB on same box and external clients can connect fine.