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    FUSE ESB camel-mina feature will not install

    Aaron Riekenberg Newbie

      Running ESB, the camel-mina feature will not install:


      smx@root:features> install camel-minaERROR CommandLineExecutionFailed:


      org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unresolved constraint in bundle

      157: package; (package=org.apache.mina.common)


      It appears ESB comes with mina version 2.0.0.M6,

      but camel-mina still depends on mina 1.1.x.  In ESB a mina

      1.1.7 bundle is included in the system directory.  No mina 1.1.x bundle

      is included with ESB, and there does not seem to be any mina

      1.1.x bundle available on http://repo.open.iona.com.

      Is camel-mina currently broken in FUSE ESB

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          Stan Lewis Novice

          Yes, it's looking that way.  I've tried getting this working here but have had no luck, so I've gone ahead and created ESB-827 for this.

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            Aaron Riekenberg Newbie

            ESB-827 has been closed by CAMEL-1907 (also closed).  CAMEL-1907 added a version number to the import of mina in camel-mina to avoid problems when both MINA 2.0 and MINA 1.x are installed in FUSE ESB.


            However I think a few more things need to happen before "features/install camel-mina" will work out of the box in the next version of FUSE ESB.  Just posting here to make sure these don't get lost:


            1. We determined in this thread in the Camel forums (http://www.nabble.com/FUSE-ESB- that even with the fix for CAMEL-1907, camel-mina needs org.apache.servicemix.bundles.mina

            version 1.1.7_2-SNAPSHOT to install and run correctly in FUSE ESB The released version of the mina bundle (1.1.7_1) will not work with camel-mina in FUSE ESB where mina 2.0.0.M6 is installed by default.



            version 1.1.7_2-SNAPSHOTis not currently available in a public maven repository.  I had to build this version myself to use it.


            2. The camel-mina feature in the org.apache.servicemix.camel.features file needs to have the correct mina 1.1.7 bundle added to it for camel-mina to install.  Currently the camel-mina feature only contains camel-mina.


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