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    Web Service access ?

    Robert Yetman Newbie

      I've been learning FID, and used it to create a web service and deploy it into  FuseESB   Using the Web services explorer, I can access the web service, and get responses back, so I know the service is working.


      Now, I'm trying to use an EIP project/EIP diagram to access that web service.

      I've got a simple file endpoint -> http endpoint -> file endpoint diagram that I want to start with, so I can drop a message into the input dir, have the message sent to the web service, and the reply ends up in the output dir.


      However, when I try to publish this to the ESB, I get the error:


      ERROR - CamelJbiComponent - org.apache.camel.NoSuchEndpointException: No endpoint could be found for http://localhost:8092/CreditCheckService, please check your classpath contains the needed camel component jar.


      The URL is correct, it's the same URL I use in the web services explorer to test the service.


      So, what am I doing wrong, or not understanding correctly?