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    What ActiveMq is used by Fuse ESB

    Mukesh Kumar Newbie

      I am wondering what exact activeMQ (publicly available) version is used by fuse esb


      I want to make sure that all the activeMQ libraries I gather from public repositories match the fuse activeMQ broker.


      The activeMQ jar in the fuse esb shows activemq-core-


      and activeMQ is not publicly available.




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          Giovani Seben Newbie

          Fuse ESB uses Fuse ActiveMQ which is publicly available from the Fuse website.

          I guess that you are looking at the Apache ActiveMQ which is currently on version 5.2


          If you are going to use the fuse activemq use the following dependencies and repo:


                    <name>IONA Open Source Community Release Repository</name>