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    CXF web service - auto generate SEI?

    Robert Yetman Newbie

      I want to use a CXF endpoint / web service as the entry point to my EIP diagram.   I've got the wsdl, can I get FID to autogenerate the SEI from the wsdl for me, or do I have to hand-code it?     I've tried using the web services & web services client menu options, but they state that Fuse ESB 3.x doesn't support Axis, or that they don't support the project type (EIP project).

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          Ganesh Cherivirala Newbie



          We can generate an SEI/Interface from a wsdl file using the below steps.


          Set the service framework runtime under preferences.

          Create Dynamic web service project using approprate configuration and place your wsdl file under /WebContent/wsdl folder

          Use web service menu option and choose "Top down POJO web service" option as web service type and generate a web service with all default options.


          EIP project will not support to generate a web service.So you are getting above error.


          Hope this helps.




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            Torsten Mielke Apprentice

            No, you don't have to handcode this.

            Use the WTP WebService wizard, select a top down approach, set the "Web service runtime" to Apache CXF, specify the wsdl file and you can then configure the wizard to generate pretty much anything.


            Before running this wizard, make sure you configured the FID for your CXF installation (Window -> Preferences -> Progress -> FUSE -> Fuse Services Framework -> Fuse Services Framework Home directory).

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              Robert Yetman Newbie

              I believe Ganesh is correct, you can't use the WebServices wizard from within an EIP project.   I right click on my wsdl -> web services -> generate java bean skeleton, and the Web Services wizard pops up.    If I select "Top down Java bean Web Service", the wizard states that "Fuse ESB Server 3.x does not support the Apache Axis Web service runtime"


              If I select "Top Down POJO Web Service", the wizard states that "The Fuse ESB Server 3.x server does not support the service project ".  So I ended up using wsdl2java -impl wsdlfile to generate the classes, then I moved them into the src tree of my project.  


              However, now I have another problem.   When I add my project to the Fuse Server, and FID deploys it, it's not deploying correctly.   I get the following msgs in the console repeated over and over again:


              Loading XML bean definitions from clas path resource (approx 15 times)

              Bean Factory for application context .....

              Refreshing org.apache.cxf.bus.spring.BusApplicationContext@....... startup date .....


              I've watched these messages scroll by at least 20 times, the only way to stop them is to shut down the server.