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    New Camel 2.0 Split/Aggregate Pattern

    Dan Salt Newbie

      Hi All,


      I have the following XML route defined in my Camel Context, which is running on Camel 2.0 deployed into Fuse ESB (with help from this forum )..:




      I used the "tracer" example as a guide, the only difference being that I send to a RoutingSlip rather than an explicit destination. However, what appears to be happening is that the SPLIT part is ignoring the AGGREGATE part, and just returning the last split'ted result. The custom Aggregator (MyAggregator) and the "combineResponses" bean method do work exactly as expected (combining the exchanges, and then combining the response into a single message) and most definitely are getting called, but this appears to be happening after the first split'ted response has already been returned.


      Can anyone spot what is wrong with my XML, or is this a (known)problem?


      Cheers in advance,


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          Dan Salt Newbie

          Okay, so I found a solution to the problem, but I still can't make out why the example shown for the "tracer" pattern doesn't work... maybe a problem/typo there?


          The solution that works is:



          ... and this still makes sense to me, but didn't really correspond to any documentation in either the old or the new Camel approach (kinda a hybrid of the two...).