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    Import into Eclipse

    Heinz Drews Newbie

      I have started with the source version of Fuse and run the maven install and eclipse:eclipse steps.


      Importing into an empty workspace fails because there are duplicate prokect names (bridge-http-su).  After eliminating these the import works fine but none of the projects have Java nature and a proper buildpath set.


      Is there anything I have missed?


      I can also not locate entries for the ServiceMix components like file and vfs.

      Where can I find them?




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          Pedro Neveu Newbie

          Hi Heinz,


          Which version of the product are you using and where did you download it from?  I'd like to check it to see if I get the same problems.  I have never seen this type of issues with Eclipse before.  Also let me know how you're importing the project into Eclipse and whether you have M2_REPO set.



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            Sean O'Callaghan Newbie

            Hi Heinz,


            What version of eclipse and ServiceMix are you using?

            We'ld like to try and reproduce the issue here.


            Typically I only import in the specific projects I am interested in to avoid having an unwieldy and slow workspace.





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              Heinz Drews Newbie

              Hello Pedro,


              I have downloaded the source version of Fuse ESB 4.1 from this site.


              Unpacking the zip produced a directory named ...apache-servicemix-


              I haven't found information here on this site how to integrate into Eclipse I followed instructions from the Servicemix site.


              After running mvn eclipse:eclipse .project files have been generated but most of them are like this:



              I'm using Eclipse 3.4 as part of MyEclipse 7.5.

              M2_REPO is set



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                Heinz Drews Newbie

                Hello Seàn,


                as posted before I'm using MyEclipse 7.5 which is Eclipse 3.4.x plus extras.


                I wanted primarirly to get the servicemix:file component but I could not locate it in the source zip of Fuse ESB becuae I wanted to extend it.

                My hope was the running the complete process would download additional components.